Great Leaders Make Employees Feel Safe

It’s no secret that employees are the main force that drives any company forward. Without employees, no company would ever be able to reach success or profitability it desires. That’s why great leaders know how important their employees are and they continuously encourage workers to be productive, efficient and motivated. What’s more, great leaders make employees feel safe both in the office and outside of it. If employees can feel safe at work and if they can rely on company leaders to take care of them, they’ll ultimately become more engaged, productive and even loyal to the company they work for.

However, ensuring that employees feel that way is a long and demanding process that requires dedication and effort to achieve. If you want to make sure that your company will grow and develop further thanks to a competent and effective workforce, you have to start taking care of your workers straight away. With that in mind, here are a few ways to make your employees feel safe.

Provide them with proper benefits

One of the aspects employees consider quite important is financial safety. After all, the entire purpose of working is to earn enough money so that they can provide for themselves and their families. As an employer and a company leader, it’s up to you to help employees achieve financial safety and security. One of the things you can do to help them out is to contribute to their retirement plans, aside from providing them with good salaries, of course. Most people have individual retirement accounts (IRA). They contribute to either traditional or Roth IRAs depending on which tax benefits suit their needs. However, you can provide them with an employer-sponsored retirement plan or 401(k) and match their contributions. That way, employees will have financial safety once they’re ready to retire and are no longer able to work in order to earn for a living.

Include proper car insurance

It’s not uncommon for employees to come to work using their own vehicles or by relying on the company’s vehicles as well. If driving is part of your employees’ everyday work schedule, it’s only natural that they won’t feel quite safe. The best thing you can do is to include proper car insurance, like this one here, so that employees are aware that they’re, in fact, covered should something bad ever happens. You can consult with insurance companies in order to determine what’s the best car insurance policy for your business and for your employees. That way you can have proper insurance coverage for both the company and employees’ personal vehicles, should you choose to do so. This will not only make your employees feel safer, but also more motivated to use vehicles.

Workers compensation insurance

When talking about insurances, making employees feel safe at work is crucial. This is especially true if the nature of your business involves a higher risk of potential injuries, such as construction work or manufacturing, for instance. Providing employees with proper insurance is only natural in such cases and it will make them feel much safer at work. As an example, you should consider workers’ compensation insurance. This policy covers any employee medical bills or lost salaries in case of injuries at work. It also provides financial assistance to employee families in case of fatal injuries. In exchange, however, employees forfeit their right to sue the company because of an injury at work. Simply put, this policy works well for both the employer and the employees.

Do your part as a company leader

There are more ways than one to make your employees feel safe both at work and otherwise. It’s up to you as an employer and a company leader to determine what’s best for your employees and what will make them feel safe. As an example, you can install proper security measures, such as CCTV at the office, and hire security to protect employees from physical threats. Another thing you can do is to keep an open door policy so employees can come to you if they have any problems or inconveniences. For instance, an employee can be constantly harassed by their coworker and you can’t do much about it if you don’t know what’s going on. Therefore, encourage employees to voice their concerns and take immediate action to resolve the issues. That way your employees will feel much safer at their workplace, knowing that you will have their back should the need arise.

Making employees feel safe is part of every company’s leader’s responsibilities. If employees know you cannot protect them in times of need, they have no reason to be motivated, efficient or productive, for that matter. That’s why it’s important for you to inspire and take care of them so that the entire company can thrive.